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5 Most Common Shingle Roofing Repairs In Residential Roofing

Wind, Hail or Ice Dam Damage

While shingle roofs are made to withstand damage from Mother Nature, no roof can stand up against severe weather. Your roof will be susceptible to any of these common types of damages, depending on where your home is located. If you live in a region with more intense Winters, ice dams (a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof, preventing melting snow/water from draining off the roof) can be a major concern - if the water that backs up behind the dam leaks into your home, it can cause damage to the walls, ceilings, insulation, and more. An expert Roofing contractor (such as Redline Roofing) may be able to repair those damaged shingles if the damage is minimal, however if the damage is extensive, your entire roof may need to be replaced.

Vent Pipes that Are Improperly Sealed

A vent pipe boot on your roof can leak either from improper installation or in most cases from the rubber that is fitted around the pipe splitting.

How do can you determine what’s wrong with your vent pipe? If your vent pipe was improperly installed, you will notice dark spots, wet areas or water stains underneath the roof sheeting as a result from the leakage. Now if the rubber that is fitted around your vent pipe has split, you will notice that your roof sheeting is wet or discolored as a result of the small amounts of water that ran down from your vent pipe, that will more than likely continue to run until it reaches an obstruction to stop it, wetting and saturating the surrounding area it is in contact with. The size of the split and quantity of rainwater will determine how quickly your roof will become damaged, ranging from just a few minutes to a progressive issue over time. Either way, this is something that will need to be repaired immediately by an expert roofing contractor (like Redline Roofing and Restoration) to avoid further and more costly damage in the future.

Leaking Skylights

Similarly to the vent pipe, leaky skylights can be caused from either improper installation or worn out seals. Excessive condensation, a seasonal leak and roof penetrations will all play a factor in determining how to repair the leak. Excessive condensation is common in single-glazed skylights and cold climates, as well as in damp locations such as the bathroom or kitchen. A seasonal leak would be more noticeable in the Winter months from accumulating/melting snow and ice. Now if your roof is penetrated, you are looking at a potentially major problem – a leak in the vent flashing or other areas can travel a good distance before finding its way to an indoor open skylight. An expert roofing contractor (like Redline Roofing and Restoration) will need to repair this type of damage.

Chimney Flashing

What the hey is Chimney Flashing? It’s the sheet metal between the chimney and the roof that seals the chimney to keep it watertight. In order for chimney flashing to work properly, it needs to be properly installed to include both layers of the step flashing (sections of L-shaped sheet metal that is woven into the shingle courses and placed up the side of the chimney) and the counter flashing (a second layer of metal is embedded in the chimney mortar joints and folded down to cover the top of the step flashing). The counter flashing has particularly vulnerable corners, that even with a proper installation can leave a small open space that needs to be sealed with caulk, and can easily loosen over time.

If the chimney flashing begins to pull away or is damaged in any kind of way (typically by wind or hail), water can leak through the roof, and into your attic and/or interior of your home causing a major issue. The type of material used for the flashing and the region that your home is located will play a major factor in the amount of damage. An expert contractor (like Redline Roofing and Restoration) can identify and repair this issue.

Roof Valley's

Just like gutters, roof valleys (the curve at a roof’s base) are common collectors of debris such as leaves, limbs and pests, as well as snow and ice - roof valleys can quickly become a pretty big headache, especially in older homes because over time, these areas will experience normal wear and tear. Keeping your roof clean and free of potentially harmful debris encourages the natural downward flow of water, which in turn helps to keep your shingle roofing in tip-top shape and prolong the life of your roof. Redline Roofing and Restoration can quickly and easily inspect and/or clean your roof valleys and gutters.