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How to Maintain Your New Roof

Keep it Clean!

Other than time, standing water and debris sitting on your new roof could be the worst thing for it. It’s a common known fact that we all hate getting up on the roof to brush off fallen leaves and dirt, but its worth it in the long run. A clogged gutter could prove disastrous for your roof and your housing structure below it, and standing water is a paradise for pests, bugs and rodents – however, that’s not even the least of your worries: if your gutters freeze you could be looking at whole new set of problems when rain is forced to come off your roof in sheets. Stay ahead of these headaches by cleaning (or hiring Redline Roofing and Restoration to clean) your gutters several times a year, even more so in the fall.

Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

Want to make your new roof last the decades that its capable of? Then don’t be like your neighbor and only check on your roof when there’s a problem – be sure to look routinely at it (or hire Redline Roofing and Restoration to look) at least once a year. Check for things such as mold growth, shingle damage or leaks. This will save you time and more money in the future if you can spot this early and have it taken care of.

Winter is Coming

Be sure to prepare for seasonal changes prior to even a mild winter arriving. Temperature changes can cause contracting and expanding of your home’s exterior, creating cracks or worsening existing cracks. If they are not identified and fixed prior to the season change, you could end up listening to your favorite seasonal tunes via drips in a bucket through the ceiling in your living room – and no one wants that!

If It’s Broke, Fix It!

Your new roof can last you as little as five years, or as long as several decades. It all depends on how you as the Homeowner take care of it. The good news is that most roofing maintenance and minor repairs are fairly inexpensive, so getting those taken care of as soon as possible will help to prevent a more serious issue to your home’s structure.

So be sure to clean, maintain, prepare for season changes and repair your roof to ensure that your new roof will last for decades to come!