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5 signs a Contractor will get the job done Right

1. They came to You as a Referral

Not all roofers worry about taking the time to deliver superior customer service, since roof replacement is usually a once-in-a-decade or so job. So repeat business is usually not a major concern. So when that time does come for you, make sure that the Roofing Contractor that you hire comes from a referral and not the cheapest quote you receive. A trusted source of yours will only recommend the best kind of experience to you.

2. They are Professional, Respectful and Experienced

Pay attention to credentials and accreditation's. The old saying proves to be true in this situation - you will get what you pay for. A highly experience roofer will more than likely charge more than those with lesser experience. However not to worry, an experienced roofer will also have extensive experience in working with Insurance Adjusters, so the extra cost should not come as a burden to your pocket.

3. They Provide You with Proper Paperwork

Even for a small job (for example, shingle repair) roofing involves a great deal of money and liability. The contractor should always provide you with two forms of documents: (A.) a written contract from their company stating the requirements and agreed upon expectations, costs, details and products involved for the job and (B.) proof of insurance and business licenses.

4. They deal with your Insurance Company Directly

Let's be honest - we avoid our insurance companies like we do our cable and internet providers. It's always a hassle and one way or another you always feel like they're speaking a foreign language to you and taking you to the cleaners at the same time. An experienced roofer will have extensive experience, as well as existing relationships, with Insurance Adjusters and will work with them directly to deal with all the legal mumbo-jumbo, so you don't have to.

5. Southern Hospitality - They Gotta have It!

No matter if you live in the South or not, we all want to feel at ease and comfortable in a stressful situation like having to unexpectedly get your roof replaced. Your experienced Roofing Contractor should feel like your family oriented neighbor down the street, and is courteous and respectful of your time, emotions and property. Not only because they have high integrity, but also because referrals are a huge part of their livelihood, and they will not be willing to risk their reputation.